Planting sunflowers? 

It is very recently that I realized that the only real way I can help make a change is by telling my own story. It started with a personal revolution, which exploded into a hundred ways of healing, thousand dreams and a million aspirations. 

This is a platform to pour our hearts out for the liberation, for the greater good, for the fight, for ourselves and everyone who needs it. A platform to bring more awareness and  empathy. A platform to make you feel. A platform to connect. A platform to tell my own story, because what other, greater tool do I have to add my contribution to the fight? I want to unpack the preconceptions we hold, to challenge the system, to open conversation, to help us connect more.

Why sunflowers? Because they are magical flowers. They grow unevenly – one side during the day, the other during the night. Just like us. The hard-working days and the long restless nights, days filled with laughter and nights spent crying, days of longing and nights of loving. We don’t grow evenly, we are processes, never ending equations. We plant seeds within ourselves and have the capacity to share them. I am sharing myself with you, the 'me' of today, the 'me' growing. 

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