'Pink skirt' diaries

The pink skirt diaries is an illustrative project addressing victim blaming and calling out rape culture. It is a project shining a light on the backwards world we are living in, where sexual assault victims get more blame than the perpetrators. Photographs of everyday life and situations illustrating the weight of trauma and life after assault, illustrating the commonness and invasiveness of it. It is not just the act itself, it is the aftermath, the loss of self, the disbelief, the shame and the blame. This project is made to empower, move and change, it is here to make you feel.

                                         ~ The time is now~

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"I think it is important to talk about these issues, to make people uncomfortable, to make them feel. Otherwise the conversation will never move on. Discomfort is where growth happens. But I do not think everyone should hang their trauma to dry, sometimes just existing is hard enough. I want to craft my pain into something meaningful, something that might change someone’s life path. I want to heal for myself and possibly help others heal too. To let people know they are not alone. Welcome to my new beginning, that’s tied to all my endings." 

The girl in the pink skirt

Ieva 'Maria' Medne

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"It can happen to anyone, it can happen anywhere, at any time. Then, you carry it with you all your life, you feel it when you have your morning coffee, when you take a bath, when you hang out the laundry. This story is told in the first person. The girl is now a woman, she is empowered, and she takes from her personal experiences to answer the sadly common question “What was she wearing?”, which always blames the victim and not the rapist. Ieva was 12 years old and she was wearing a pink skirt. This is her story for everyone."

Photographer and la chica en verde

Belen 'Belu' Pedrini

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