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I don’t want to be just empowered, I want to be safe, appreciated and cared for. I do not seek to watch a ‘Female empowerment’ movie, I seek to change them all to include strong women, who are not noticed only for their bodies. I do not look to simply change the laws of consent and rape, I look to teach people how horrifying it is and that we simply need to stop abusing and start listening to other human beings. I do not crave to see more white women at top positions, I crave to see more women of colour, disabled women, LGBTQ+ women and women from all backgrounds to take a slice of the cake too, because I believe that all together, we can incite the change we so desperately need.

People will say we are obsessed and make fun of us, but girls we just keep pushing. If us believing we deserve equal social, political and economic opportunities means obsessed then, yes, we are obsessed. I prefer possessed. We are the witches you fear, yet do not dare burn us on the cross. We are not scared and silent anymore, we’ll seek revenge for our sisters. We howl at night in our passions and are not afraid to spit fire in the day. We are obsessed and possessed with our liberation. We want acknowledgement for our work, we want love from our peers, we want to be seen as equally able, intelligent and believable. We do not want to be higher than men, or to be treated like men for that matter. Manhood and masculinity of the society is not the epitome of our struggle. We do not want to be like men, we want to be us, but be granted a seat at the table. We want to be seen for more than our bodies. More than our skin. We want to speak up and be listened to because what we’re saying is important. We want to speak up about our issues and not be dismissed, not to be compared to someone else, to not be put under the lenses of ‘critical thinking’ or ‘let’s look at both sides’. Sometimes there is no other side. You talk about brotherhood and inspiration. Sisters in blood, that’s what I am talking about. Where we all came from. A woman screamed and bled you into this world. Do not give me these fairy tales of wolf packs and blood brothers. They’ll be weak stomachs in the face of vulnerability. I feel all the women with me even, if I have never met them. I know there is a whole army behind me. Women who are ready to jump on their brooms and revolt into midnight. That is inspiration. That is magic. That is what feminism is to me.


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