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When he judges a sister on her nudes

Even the men who are close to us, who love us, who we love still put us into boxes, still have a hard time understanding that we are multifaceted beings. That we have ownership over our own bodies and that we do not exist for the entertainment of men. Fuck the male gaze. That is not the reason why we live, breathe and walk. I am not afraid to be perceived as unattractive, to be beautiful is not why I exist in this world. I am not talking about the attractiveness of my looks, but my attitude. I am loud and opinionated, and I know what I stand for and what I want. Women like this are deemed dangerous, shamed into nothingness, argued, interrupted and silenced. We are not good-looking. I have full autonomy of my body, but don’t be fooled it did not come easy. It took me a decade to conquer it and no one is taking it away again. Not with words. Not with actions. Not with judgement. Not without a fight. I am done explaining and justifying what women do to people who might never even grasp what womanhood is. What do you mean that I am stupid for loving and fully having my body? You were silent when other’s hands dug into us. You were silent when they made the rules. You were silent when they laughed. You were silent when they imprisoned our tongues. So now you have no say. We are shamed every day for being too much or too little. Shamed for our independence. Shamed for nudity. Shamed for being too covered. Our bodies are for auction. For picking apart. But we have the momentum now, we are taking it by the storm. We are more unclothed than ever, more autonomous than ever and more powerful than ever. Our bodies are only a part of us, we are multi-dimensional. We are academics, we are businesswomen, we are comedians, we are engineers, we are strippers, we are presidents, we are trans, we are sex workers, we are doctors, we are gay, we are covered to our eyes, we are naked, we are in control, we are the bitches, we are the witches, we are narcissistic, we are women.


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