Topics, which are important for a better understanding of the issues we face and linking factors, which keep this system in place. It contains research, examples and personal experience. I am in not an expert, however I am speaking from my educational background, personal knowledge and experience.

More topics to come....

From blurred lines to fraternities, advertising to family values, comedy to court rooms, relationships to international governments. What is rape culture and how is it still so pervasive in our lives? 

'No means No', 'Yes doesn't always mean Yes', 'Drunk is not an agreement', 'Flirting doesn't mean sex', 'Passed out is a No', 'Silence is fear', 'No doesn't mean 'convince me' and 'Maybe is a No'.

Why is consent still such a blurry and misunderstood practice? 

Why I think intersectionality is the most important aspect of feminism, activism and the way we lead our lives. 

Mental health can be hard to address in today's world, specifically when you are still recovering from trauma. 

What is toxic masculinity and how it affects the whole world order, including men and boys themselves. 

You label yourself as one of the 'good guys', but did you say anything when your friend was getting that girl drunk? In a system where we still profit from oppression of others, even if we do not personally harm anyone, being 'nice' is not enough.

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