"Women's issues"

Conversation and research on topics in which women are discussed, subjugated and put at the forefront. Whereas in reality we are not the main agents, moreover, the discourse should be brought to the concealed, underlying issues, projectors and perpetrators. 

An intensive collection of multidimensional resources to learn and understand more about mentioned topics. How to help, why should you help and how important it is to be aware. 

Did Sigmund Freid mess it up for the women by diagnosing men? According to him there are only two categories of us. No in between, no overlapping. The good vs the bad. The respected vs the desired. The Madonna/Whore complex is more common and plays a bigger role than you might think. 

Vehicles, jewelry, trophies, fresh meat and dishwashers. How can an object symbolize our complex existence? Objectification is not only projected by men and the society, we internalize it ourselves.

Olympic coaches, male college students, R.Kelly, Woody Allen, presidents, UN workers - your status exempts you from receiving any kind of punishment. Why do we keep protecting people in power and with privilege? 

Don't be too timid, yet not too hoeish either. It's all about him. Try and resemble the girls you see in porn videos. Don't tell him that he's not doing it right, he's orgasm is more important. Don't talk about, look at or feel your vagina. Let's bust the myths and stigma by talking about healthy sexuality.

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